Day six: snot spring yet but i’ll clean anyway

Snotty nose, sore throat, headache, dry cough, aching limbs… oh joy! I’m pretty sure the aching limb part is all self induced boxing injuries from yesterday so that i can’t complain about but the rest is pretty  yuk.

I was supposed to do a pilates class mid morning but didn’t feel up to it so decided to spring clean my flat. Why is organising one’s possessions so therapeutic? I went though my clothes, make up, toiletries, shoes and accessories and made a pile for the charity, some stuff for my ebay sales and the rest put away in a sensical fashion. I must make a pledge not to spend any more money on clothes for a while. At least until i’m back down to  my goal weight. Having been through them today it reminded me how many lovey items i own and how i must wear more of a variety and STOP shopping!!

My addictive personality effects me in the following ways:


Over the last 6 days I have touched on alcohol, food and exercise. Today made me think about how i spend my money. I want to talk about how i spend my money but i feel overwhelmingly tired so am going to sign off now and pick up this subject tomorrow.

Today’s Film: ‘Toni Erdmann’ third foreign film in a row. It was quite magical and unusual, too long but very unusual. Based on a father, daughter relationship. Another subject which needs addressing on this blog!!

Goodnight, thank you for reading.

To be continued…